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North In treaty with us, and to come and live
under our flag in peace. You will never get
along with the Blue Coats—Americans, If they
are not looking after you well, look up into our
country. Whenever you look north-west and
see the Red Sun, that will be my sun, my "Red
Coats5'—North-West Mounted Police. When-
ever you come inside, then you will live with us
and your brothers, the Northern Siksikau.5

That ended our first treaty parley.

Rich with skins and furs from our winter's
hunting In the Northern Rockies, our chief
decided late that summer that we should journey
on down to Fort Benton in Montana, and trade
in our catch for the white man's wares: steel
arrowheads to replace our flint heads; coloured
beads to replace our coloured porcupine quills;
more blankets to replace our diminishing supply
of buffalo robes; powder and balls and guns;
knives and tools to replace our bone implements,
and sail canvas to replace our heavy skin teepee

North of Fort Benton we ran into a huge camp
of friendly Crows and half-breed buffalo-hunters,
camping in two large adjacent camps on the upper
Missouri River. The half-breed hunters had
come down from the land of Kewatin—North
Wind—in the vicinity of what is now Manitoba,
to trade their robes at Fort Benton.